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Venture into the Dungeon Of No Return

Battle Test takes you onto a text-based journey into an endless dungeon, where you will face creature after creature in a series of turn-based battles. As you defeat monsters you will learn a few new actions, and each turn you will slowly recover the mana you need to perform some of these actions. Some creatures may become cursed with alliteration, preventing them from attacking, which will let you easily recover mana.

What this game is all about

Battle Test version 1.08 was finished on the 3rd of February, 2015. Being a result of my high school software development course, it serves as practice for my eventual major project [h3h3 game]. Battle Test was developed using Visual Basic with a linear code structure, hence why the game must close every time it is finished. I have posted the game executable on Itch.io for archival purposes.

Everything in Battle Test was created by me, Jack5. This game has an Attribution 4.0 license, meaning you can use it for commercial purposes, and are not required to uphold this license for your use of it, so long as you credit me by name. Any alteration of this license requires permission from me.

Install instructions

On Windows 10, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen may prevent you from immediately accessing the installer. If you see this dialog box, click 'More info', then click 'Run anyway'.


Battle Test 34 kB

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