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make yourMove

blockMania is a simple block-moving puzzle game where blocks can be moved one at a time and can pass through each-other, so long as they have not reached their goals. Click blocks to select them and use the arrow keys to move them across each level.

a game of itsTime

This game was initially developed in 2010 using GameMaker 7. In 2017 the project files were recovered and ported to GameMaker: Studio so they could be remastered. The finished product was first released to Game Jolt on the 23rd of February with an original soundtrack, new backgrounds, sprite cleaning, a better score tracking system and screen wrapping, and has since been mirrored here. The score tracking operates on frames that inputs are held down for, so you could use a TAS to get the highest possible score.

Everything in blockMania was created by me, Jack5. This game has an Attribution 4.0 license, meaning you can use it for commercial purposes, and are not required to uphold this license for your use of it, so long as you credit me by name. Any alteration of this license requires permission from me.


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