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Raid their offices. Steal some things. End the corruption. Return to Sender.


Return to Sender is a claustrophobic, three-dimensional stealth shooter set in an alternate history, where society has fractured underneath the stranglehold a new wave of corporations have over technology.  You assume the role of a thief, taking control of a drone to remotely break into and raid these businesses, stealing what intelligence you can for your own personal gain. However, the story eventually takes a dark turn as your work begins to invade your life. It soon becomes clear what you must do... you have to return the favour.


In the currently available build of this game, which can be downloaded for free, three levels and two challenges await. All levels and challenges have three medal times to beat each, ranging in difficulty from competent first-person-shooter player to speedrunner. At first, you will need to take your time in the campaign to become familiar with the threats in each level and the overall game mechanics. Then the rest of your time will be spent at the level select, grinding to get your best times down and beat the hardest medal times.


Being a spiritual successor to Sender, Return to Sender throws the original concept out of the window. It is both a passion project and a months-long game design effort, having been in the works since June of 2020. With an entirely new story, cast of game entities and levels, and even game engine, Return to Sender stands as a sole intellectual property.

Creative Commons

Return to Sender was created by me, Jack5. Extra credits are available within the game. This game has an Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license, meaning you cannot use it for commercial purposes outside of fair use, and are not required to uphold this license for your use of it, so long as you credit me by name. Any alteration of this license requires permission from me.

Please be aware that the music in Return to Sender does not have the same license. You can preview the associated licenses by searching for the individual tracks.


  • Citizen Nyx - Undercover
  • Anonymous420
    • I hate him so much
    • My dollar heart is collapsing
    • Siri, destroy capitalism
  • Soft and Furious
    • Marvellous Merfolk
    • Harder
    • Circle of fluids


I accept monthly contributions through my Patreon page for all my various projects. My Patreon supporters as of the latest release of this game are:

  • Orange Supporters ($6 per month)
    • Jerry Lexington Notanactuallname
  • Diamond Supporters ($3 per month)
    • Tuxedo_terrorist

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Return to Sender v0.4 Demo 396 MB

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